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We are a family-run sideliner business that specializes in spring nucs, overwintered nucs, and wildflower honey.  I take care of the bees and my wife takes care of the administrative part of the business.  My day job as a honeybee researcher has provided me with a unique beekeeping history that has driven me to start JDM Bees. I have presented my work at the California State Beekeepers Association, the Manitoba Beekeepers Association, the Heartland Apicultural Society, Three Rivers Beekeepers Association and the Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Association.  I have had the opportunity to work with some of the top commercial beekeepers in the country, and gained a breadth of knowledge that has helped me be a successful beekeeper.  I am passionate about bees, have mentored several local beekeepers, and have now transformed this passion into a business where I can help others obtain their bees and share in the harvest.

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