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Local Raw Honey

Our honey ranges in color.  Our lightest honey is our black locust honey that arrives late spring (shown on left).  Our summer wildflower honey varies from medium (center) to dark (right).  Each honey gives a unique flavor profile and changes from year to year depending on weather conditions and variety of plants available to the bees.  If you have a preference, let us know when ordering.


Spring Honey (Black Locust) and Summer Honey now available

There’s nothing quite as good as fresh, local honey.  My bees are in St. Louis, Franklin, St. Charles, Warren, and Washington counties in Missouri and typically bring in a clover-based honey with floral accents. Occasionally, in the late summer, I harvest a buckwheat honey from a farm in Washington County.

Black locust honey -  available late Spring

Clover/Wildflower honey - available Mid Summer

Buckwheat (occasional) - available Late Summer

3 oz skep gift jar with        

   label + honey spoon   $6.50

.75 pound jelly jar          $6.50

1 lb squeeze bottle        $10.00

1.5 Ibs pint jar                 $13.00

3 lbs quart jar                 $23.00

12 lbs gallon jug             $80.00

60 lbs bucket                $280.00

Commercial vendors call for wholesale pricing

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